The Enjoyment Method

Have you ever felt like your life is missing something? Like you’ve done everything the world tells you will bring happiness and fulfillment, but it’s just not all coming together for you? 

If you feel the call to create a life filled with euphoric enjoyment and abundance, but feel like you just can’t quite get there and don’t know why.  Take my hand and join me on this journey.  

For more than 15 years, I have been on a path to healing my body, mind, heart and soul. It has been a challenge and has even broken my heart wide open at times, but I have arrived at soul level, predictable enjoyment.

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Imagine enjoying life on a level that you’ve only dreamed of. I'm here to tell you that not only is it possible, I’ve spent years developing the path to euphoric enjoyment and I’m sharing it for the first time.

About Shayna

Shayna Meyer, Founder and Creator of The Enjoyment Method™, guides women to deep-rooted peace and ecstatic enjoyment in their lives! Utilizing a variety of tools and tactics including breathwork, herbal cleanses, a collection of meditations, effective education against various vices, and cutting edge thought processes, she creates a safe space where women can find true and lasting ecstatic levels of enjoyment in all the fibers of their lives through healing and community. Shayna has a bachelor’s in public relations, an unparalleled professional background with nearly two decades as an entrepreneur and real estate broker-salesperson, is a former professional dancer, and is currently Vice President of Communications and Public Relations at Homestar Building & Design in Vancouver, BC. Shayna combines her deep knowledge of story, business, various healing modalities and real life experience to provide a never-before-seen, comprehensive program that melds the euphoric possibilities of both mind and body through her signature framework.

Shayna with her horse, Murphy.

So if you’re seeking an awakening, hope to move beyond the drama and trauma that we each experience, or are simply seeking to live a bold life filled with presence, peace and all your wildest dreams, you’re ready to step into The Enjoyment Method™.

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What Others Are Saying

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Before I began working with Shayna, I knew I had a library of knowledge that I wanted to share with the world, but I was battling self-doubt and money mindset blocks.  With the help of her guidance and the holistic approach of The Enjoyment Method I can finally see myself in all my power and have been able to step into that power.  My life is aligned, and my business is thriving!

Janelle Johngrass
Founder, Know Mommy

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